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Hey!  Thanks for dropping by to my quaint little site.  Honestly, I didn't design this page.  The credits at the bottom say who designed it and I thank them heaps but I'm slowly learning the art of web design.  Actually, I'm taking a course for a certificate in Multimedia and I'm learning Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Director... One day I'll create a site of my own (the one's I've done are really basic) but for now, I'll credit those that make such great pages like this!  Like it says in my profile, my name's Alexia, I'm 17 and go to a country Secondary school. I'm in year 11 and hang around with year 9s, no big, everyone else is boring.

Anyway, that's about it for the intro.  On this site you'll find things that I like as well as a diary thing I hope to update regularly (though my parents are really stingy with internet usage).  There's some pix I really like, maybe some I've done when I get around to it, multimedia stuff I've found and likes, info on some of my really good friends.  Um, there's also info on my books.  Yes!  I'm going to be an author of some really cool books for preteens to teens and there's some info on them as well as other sites I've done for them.  Um, I play piano and like to write songs so there's some lyrics I've written (though all of them are strictly copyrighted) and there's also some poems and short stories I've done.  There's links to sites I like, some flash things I've done and soon, layouts I've done!  There's a collection of neat phrases I've found on my Internet travels (I've clocked up more hours on the net than I have driving so I can get my P plates!  Oh yeah, didn't mention that.  I'm Australian, an Aussie, G'day.  Okay, over that now.  I also have some links to people who have agreed to link back to my site as long as I link back to them.  Now that the intro's done, feel free to browse around, read my entries and have a great time.  If you like the site or anything's missing, broken, mispelt or not where it should be (computers, *sigh* sometimes they have minds of their own), let me know.  Or if you wanna email me because of any other reason, chat, you're bored or you have a question or whatever, you can get me here:

Until I hear from ya, keep going strong!


*If you long for your dreams and your dreams cannot wait, turn your life into dreams and control your own fate*


Alright! This is the special section.  Special cause it's where I give you all the spesh info on what's going on in my life regarding the stardom I crave so much.





15 February 2005


Yes. I've finally remembered to post. Not much has been happened except I've decided I really don't like VCE. There's always such high expectations for success. I went on our year 12 camp into the City and we visited the Universities. Fun! Not. We were all pretty much dead on our feet by the end of it and I decided that I hate stairs cause there were too many of them. I bought a nice top though. $15. More then I'd normally spend but hey, nobody's perfect. This site: has a download of a program that stuffs around with your brainwaves and you can experience different things, it's got weird presets you can download too (if you register and that costs $40. I googled a serial number and registered for free! Yay! I'm working on a sister site for this one so soon I'll just take this all off and move it over (there'll be less content, finally! Oh yeah, 3am, this morning, my horses decided to have a party and neigh their little hearts out and gallop around all cause it started to rain. Grrr. Anyway, post again soon!



28 January 2005


*sigh* not much going on in my realm though I can't wait to get a new design up for this site. This one is really plain now and not exciting enough. I'm in year 12 now and it's stinkin' hot outside. I thought I'd kill some time with two private study periods cause my lit stuff hasn't come in yet for distance ed so I thought I'd blog a bit for a while. My last blog told you about a girl we wanted to set up funding for, well, she died yesterday. Everybody's upset but we still want to do something but we don't know what. I haven't really got much to say besides that I have double math later on today and I'm not looking forward to it. Later!


Date: 15 December 2004


Yay! My first blog posting though this isn't much of a blog site. Hmm. I should have entered a blog when I actually had something of interest to write. What's going on in my world... Not much really. I'm finally on Holidays and that's a relief though I'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out if I actually passed year 11 though I'm certain I'm not getting straight As. Anyway, I've started work on writing a kids TV series I've decided to call Rocky. It's about a talking guinea pig to say the least though he's only the comic relief at the moment. I want to get Telepaths finished and published by June next year, in time for my Bday and before I turn 18. What tunes am I listening to? Ayu, when I get a chance though I need to get Simple Plan's new album but lack money. Which is where needing to get a job comes in. Unfortunatly our home computer lacks the "oomphf" needed for larger programs like Photoshop and Dreamweaver and my own doesn't have a CD ROM drive or the Internet, ARRGH! It's so annoying knowing there's better stuff I could get but not having the greens to get it (though none of our money is green, unless you count mouldy coins). On a sadder note, one my my friends is dying of cancer and some of my other friends and I want make a CD for her and we're going to try and get one of our Current Affair programs to runa story and help raise money. Anyway, I'll let you know how that goes. This seems to be a rather long blog so I'll sign off now and do some other updates. I'm hopefully gonna set up an online site to help people to donate money to the "Care for Keisha" fund the local community has set up to help our friend. Catch ya later!





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