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About me

If you're illiterate or otherwise incapable of reading, then there's no point being here (not that you could read this), but as the heading says, this section is about me.  It'll tell you some interesting facts, some boring facts, kind of like a mini biography.  There's not gonna be too much here regarding location, looks like, and that kind of thing because I believe in internet security and that includes not giving out too many details.  But with what I've put here, I'll be able to paint you a picture of who I am so you won't need all the insider facts.  Ready?  Read on.

*If you long for your dreams and your dreams cannot wait, turn your life into dreams and control your own fate*


and then there was me

Alexia.  That's me.  No last name here cause I believe in Internet security as I said above.  17, as the side profile says.  The oldest out of four kids but sometimes it's a real drag because I'm like the tester child.  Try stuff out on me first before you try it out on the others.  As the bio on the side says, I like lots of things, mostly on the creative side and I really do suck bad at math.  I live on (?) acres in the country and I have a wonderful horse I don't ride as much as I liked because I'm not an advanced enough rider and she's not an easy horse to ride.  We also have an old rottie who's currently residing at 12 almost 13 years old.  I like anime and manga as the walls of my room clearly say.  It's one of my dreams and ambitions to eventually publish all the books I'm working on and have my favorite, Telepaths, made into a feature length movie where I get to play the lead, Rika.  Oh yeah, I like to act too.  I'm one of those unknowns that dream of red-carpet walks.  My taste in music consists around Ayumi Hamasaki, Hilary Duff, Linkin Park and a few others on the side like Simple Plan.  My taste in clothes goes down to whatever I feel like wearing at the time but I rule out dressing like some cheap skank.  I like my clothes to reflect my personality so I don't dress to sell, so to speak.  Anyway, you're mostly clued in on me now.  I'm an average high school chick with wild dreams she will one day, hopefully soon achieve.


This is a picture I like and fantasy is something I rather love.

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