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favourite pix

As the heading says, this sections is full of my favourite pictures.  These are the kind of pix that when you're surfing around say "hell I want it" and then have that pic as a background on your pc for a month or more.  Anyway, these are those and I have also included some of the pix I have done.  You'll find pictures of miscellaneous sizes and some wallpapers as well.  Under no circumstances are you to use my work on your sites.  At all!  You may use the other pictures that are not mine but make sure you check that you include proper copyright details.  If I have something that is yours and haven't given you the appropriate credit, let me know and I'll correct it via .  Other than that, enjoy!

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Yes.  For a while I went kind of Ayumi mad and made a stack of wallpapers featuring her.  Well, for those of you who don't know, Ayumi Hamasaki is a Japanese pop singer (J-Pop) whom I stumbled across while checking out a site full of anime midis and mp3s.  Anyway, I did a search and came across a song called Inspire which I fell in love with to say the least.  Basically, Ayumi Hamasaki is the most popular artist in Japan outside of the U.S.

These are some wallpapers I've done of her.  Click on the pix to make them bigger though at the moment they're all at 800x600.  I'll make em bigger later if I have time.  But this section also includes some of my other wallpapers and pix so don't fret if you can't find something cooler.

Ayumi Wallpapers



This is the very first Ayumi wallpaper I ever made.  I made it using photoshop and various brushes to create a textured background.  I took the orange color from the jacket she's wearing and used orange as the main color.  The picture in the background is behind the main brush texture and the opacity has been turned down.


This is the second Ayu wallpaper I've done.  In it, I've used one of the pictures from above and included some Japanese lyrics to one of her songs.  I used a lightning brush as well and faded out some of the backgrounds.  It was simpler than the above but gives a nice effect


Third wallpaper with Ayumi.  I've used two different pictures and some simpler brush techniques as well as lyrics from one of her songs.  Again, I've used photoshop and some glow effect around the main image (because the edges were a bit raggedy).  And voila!


This is a picture from Ayu's new single, Inspire, which also includes the song Game.  Both are great songs.  I kept it simple with this pic though I'm not sure it's 800x600.  It features a line from the song Inspire and some brush effects on the side.  I also altered the rock face near her name.


This is my newest Ayu wallpaper.  The color is based around the different shades of her hat and I've also included her name, a fairy brush stamp and the little A thing I have as yet to find larger on the internet.  It's pretty much the logo for her name.  There ya go!

This isn't one of mine but I found it at and all credit goes to the creator of it.  Actually, the above site is rather good.  Visit it for more great wallpapers.  I rather like this one and it spent a lot of time as a background for my computer

As the above, this wallpaper isn't mine either but I quite like it.  It gave me an idea for a studio art assignment at school, one which I got an A for.  Mostly I like the colors and the fantasy look.  I found it at a site called which has a lot of other things for you to check out too.

I like this one too, though it isn't mine.  I can't really remember where it's from though I think it's from as well.  I also believe it was a cover for an album or single or something.  I dunno but it's a rather interesting picture.


This isn't an Ayumi pic but I thought I'd put it here anyway.  This is another wallpaper I designed using several photoshop brushes.  I called it spazzout cause it's seriously spazzed.

Also not one of mine.  This one is from The site also features other fantastic trippy wallpapers mostly made with Bryce.  A program I have heard of but are unfamiliar with.  Anyway, it's worth checking out.

This is a simple one using some flower brushes and an a nice yellow background.  The orange is from her top and it just features her nickname, Ayu.  The picture I used was only a bit longer but if you're curious, the top did say C.D.

This is a basic Ayumi wallpaper using a brush I've used before as well as some grunge effects on the boarder.  I haven't featured any lyrics because that would have been major overkill.  I think the glove things are rather interesting because I have no idea what they're doing there.  I got the pink from her skin.

More pink but a bit more complicated with some brushes and a faded a.  The pink was taken from her top and the black was just black to try and bring out her eyes which are apparently darker than normal eyes.  Again, I haven't used any lyrics from her songs.

I made this with a brush from a site I came across quite by accident at .  There's some great brushes on it an I recommend it to anyone.  I called this freaky trees, by the way.



This is a really nice picture I found on the Internet though it was on a web layout design so I cut it out so I didn't have to put the whole layout here.  The credits for it according to the site I got it from are as follows:


brushes: Insomniac brushes


I really like the picture.  It's colorful and imaginative.

This is an Ayumi pic I did for studio art.  We were studying emotions and since the rest of the pics I took weren't working, I made up this one instead.  I quite like it by the way.

This one focuses on the color purple and I put it together during a multimedia class I had.  I used a couple of brushes I had used before but tried to make it a bit brighter.  All in all it took me ten minuets.  That's okay huh?

This is a really basic Ayumi wallpaper I did that features who I think is her dog.  It's basic black and a purplie color I got from her top. It only features her name and because I couldn't erase the dog properly from the original, I pushed it to the corner so you can't see the mess up I made.  He, he!

This is an Ayu pic with her on a green sofa thing.  I turned a couple of the brushes 3D to get a nice effect with those stick things at the side and the background I got from her belt and the cloud effect was a stars brush I made larger using Photoshop 7.0 so I kinda cheated somewhat but it turned out good.

This is another one I tried to do for my art project though it was minus the name.  Anyway, I mega enlarged a brush to create the cloud effect and added in some star effects as well as some bevel and emboss on the name.


Copyrights and Credits

The brushes used in the layout were from Kenekila.   

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