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And I've branched off.  After a while you get sick and tired of doing the same thing and quite frankly, one day I'll get sick and tired of downloading layouts and I'll want to make my own.  This section has layouts I've made under one heading, and some I like other people have done under another.  Some have flash, some don't.  Either way, they're good (or so I think).  So if you like that kind of thing, have a browse.  I have stated in the description of these if you can download them or not.  The ones I have done are only available for personal use.  You may not use them if you are selling something or trying to make money off poor little broke me.  If you want me to make you a layout, email me and ask.

Hope you like 'em!

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no, no, no, don't freeze!  ah! bloody mac!

Yeah.  I first learnt the art of layout designs on a Mac.  Oh woe is me.  They're not that common in Australia so some of my classmates and I started theorizing ways to get rid of them.  To say the least, we haven't succeeded, yet.  Anyway.  Some of these are layouts and others aren't.  They're like the background of the layout before I decided that I sucked too much at that moment to fix it proper.  But here you go anyway.

Pic of Layout Name and Description of


Computer: This was created using photoshop and uses different grunge effects in the background as well as grid lines and brush text.  It's royal blue and light blue and I quite like it.


Flower Boarder: This is a basic purple design using flowers as the boarder for the page.  There's some night sky brushes in the background.


Green leaves: Really boring name but a nice effect with two different types of green and ivy for a boarder.


Titled only because I put the word there.  This is another grungy type one with red and a pinkie red background with a grunge border.


July Grunge: This is another grungy one but I tried to make it look a bit nicer than the others hence the few butterflies you see and the swirl writing.


This is my first background layer thing, whatever you want to call it.  I based it on an oriental design using Chinese brushes from . This is also where I found the panda brush below.



Panda attack: Named that because the panda looks squashed.  Its a rather basic design but gives off a nice effect, complete an oriental brush over the panda.


Pink roses:
Is made with a brush from and features these with the opacity turned down on some of the layers as well as some eyes I got from the same place the panda came from.



Ribbons: Another basic design though the the background is made up of the night sky and some ribbon brushes I found.  The result is nice and each layer is at just the right opacity (transparency for those of you that aren't familiar with photoshop)


Oriental side writing: I extended on the oriental design and added some writing while changing the opacities.


Spazzout: Is featured on another part of this site too.  Some of the brushes came from kenekila and worked well in this design


Tech: Is titled that cause I didn't know what else to call it.  A rather simple design featuring techie looking brushes.


What can you see: Also a simple design.  Kind of orange and it features some eyes from unknown and a swoosh line thing from somewhere.  I kind of like the title and wished I could have done more with the design.

Oriental faded: The final version of the oriental brushes with the opacities changed and some extra brushes added in.  Rather nice if I do say so myself




Copyrights and Credits

The brushes used in the layout were from Kenekila.   

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