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Me and flash, kind of sounds like a relationship.  One that started in adversity and ended in love, awww.  Well, I don't know any guys named flash but what I'm talking about here is the wonders of macromedia flash.  A neat little program that has made life so much easier for me and computer nerds alike (not that I'm a total computer nerd mind you).  Flash is used for so many things in everyday life (computer life).  All those cool sites you see with the moving pictures, the wonders of flash.  Funny games and video clips on the net?  Ahhh flash.  Now, this section can either direct you to cool flash sites or you can have a look at some of the poxy little flash games and things I've done.  It's your choice.  Have fun!

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flashes of fate

Of of these are really dinky because I wasn't that good when I started but you'll find heaps of little flash animations and such here.  You can use the ones I've said you can but please credit back to me and this site.





Copyrights and Credits

The brushes used in the layout were from Kenekila.   

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