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Ah the horror!  No, not really.  Multimedia is pretty much anything to do with the audio, graphical, video, etc, side of computing.  This is my multimedia section.  The audio links here are linked to an external server which you can download from.  There are some loops here, including some of my own creations.  There are also some video clips, short ones.  All multimedia is linked here from an external server.  Again, if anything here is yours, let me know and I'll update.  You cannot use any of my multimedia on your sites or send it around to your friends.  This is strictly prohibited because due to some current things I am dealing with (no I'm not in trouble), you may be breaching a copyright law if you take them. So to avoid that, please do not use them.  They are here simple for your listening and viewing pleasure.

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downloading now...

Yes.  This is also the download section.  I couldn't be bothered putting in another link to say downloads so I just jammed it here under multimedia cause really, all downloads are multimedia anyway.  Check 'em out!





Copyrights and Credits

The brushes used in the layout were from Kenekila.   

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