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my books

Ah, So you come seeking wisdom beyond your years, well, maybe I can help you.

Yeah I know, kind of crappy but I suppose you're wondering what this section is about.  Well, my books, really.  I know, I know, what kind of 17 year old has a book(s), well, me.  Depending on when you read this, one or more may or may not be published but I'll update accordingly.  For now, none are published but a manuscript I've done is being reviewed by a production company in the prospect of producing it for kid's television here in Australia.  Anyway, back to the main subject.  At the moment I have several books on the go, the current topping 400 pages and still going.  In this section you may find some basic information on some of my books (not all because of security, again), and maybe some sketches and things I've done.  There may also be contacts to people I am dealing with or, depending on when I manage to get the main one I'm working on published, there'll be other links to relative places.  Until then, have fun and with what little information I give you, use your imagination!

*If you long for your dreams and your dreams cannot wait, turn your life into dreams and control your own fate*


"just finish one!"

The above quote is from my Mum.  She's always telling me to finish at least one book and get it published before I got on with any others.  Unfortunately, I don't listen very much so I have like, fifteen books going at once.  Anyway, here's a list of all of them and what some of them are about.  Mostly for copyright reasons, I won't include any in depth detail about them but enjoy anyway.

Short Description
Telepaths Is one of my favorite books to be working on at the moment.  It's based around my three main characters, Rika, Cale and Li.  I'm not going to tell you much about it because it's the first I'm going top hopefully publish.
Telepaths- After the Storm  - synopsis to come-
Can't really tell you what this one is about yet because I don't want to spoil what happened above.
Callers Incorporated This book is set several years before the original Telepaths series and is based around Shzarnie who does not realize she is capable of Telepathy.  People want to find out about her but a mysterious boy who can seemingly read her thoughts causes her to become afraid.  She join CI in and effort to stay away from the ruthless Juggernaut organization but will her efforts pay off and what do they really want?
The Key to the Zodiac Indialianna may have a rich father who's an ex archeologist and she may have two of the best friends in the world but that won't stop an enigmatic organization stealing the book she bought for her father.  Why are they interested in the book?  Filled with action, adventure and tomb raider style fights, Indi and her friends try to track down this elusive organization down in an effort to find her father whom they have kidnapped.  Will they get to him in time and why are the Zodiac people so strange?
Uncle Sam's Angels (the series) Haylie knows there's something different about Cornelius Gilbert.  Besides being a nerd, he's a nerd with unusual habits.  That was until she discovers the truth.  But with the truth comes danger and having to get along with four people she less than likes.  Teens were never meant to be spies, were they?

Kari Undercover - The Salt Sprinkler Story

Kari thought she was an average country high school student until Roseanne came along.  She started fights with Kari's friends for no reason and now Kari wants to find what that reason is but in doing so, she stumbles across a devious plot to shut down the school for coal.  Can Kari stop an evil organization called Zenith before it's too late while juggling a growing relationship with a boy she never thought she'd fall for as well as being part of an illegal teen group called TotalAnation?

  - The Foghorn Files

Davo is an alien, according to her.  She's here to the destroy the Foghorns, butterflies but her task has been hampered by Zenith.  Kari must find a way to help her friend while tackling Zenith and finding their new base though the end sacrifice may be too high.

- Phoenix Fire

The aliens are coming.  Davo gave the warning but TotalAnation can't do much about it.  Zenith isn't playing by the rules and now the queen of all the Foghorns is on a course to earth?  How will they got out this one and will history repeat itself with the war of the century?
Astral Estrellas Adrianne's parents are never home.  She's a rebel at school and hates her weird grandmother though one day, she finds she can do something that never in her wildest dreams had she thought possible.
Runners The future is all about control.  The future is about a fully automated society.  No privacy.  Arika is against the microchip implants.  She and several other of her friends.  But not getting the implant is against the law.  Runners are people who run from progress but could progress be the downfall of society?
The Eye Andali thought she was normal.  That was until the Eye came along.  Before the Eye she was popular, the best wind stream boarder in the world and had close friends.  Until Nefarious that was.  Until they screwed up her life and were willing to chase her halfway across the country for a piece of jewelry.  Now, she finds she has a destiny tied in with the past and there's nothing she can do to avoid it.  The Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis, the Maya, Ancient Egyptians and the Shinarians.  All of it ties in but what if your destiny was to bring about the fate of the entire universe.
Confessions of a Teenage Computer Geek  - synopsis to come-
Zantino Tani never expected to be sent into space.  She never expected to be part of a top secret program encouraging interaction between planets but she also never thought her 'never-there' father, would try to stop her.  Now, joining forces with one of her hated rivals, Tani must try to do as she was trained but if you're exiled from your planet, what hope do you have?
Century Zero Jaze has a band.  The band is called Century Zero.  Jaze also has a remarkable talent.  She can memorize things quicker than anyone she knew.  She can memorize entire CDs and movies but people want those kind of abilities and they'll do what they can to get them.
TotalAnation Back Online Atari didn't want to move houses.  She had all she ever wanted, besides and idiot little brother and moving to the country wasn't what she always wanted but when she and her friends stumble across and underground base, old stories are brought back to the light and someone is trying to get revenge on the past.  TotalAnation is coming back online.
Alexia Carter - Prevarication  - synopsis to come-
                    - Tergiversator  - synopsis to come-
                    - Exegesis  - synopsis to come-
The Centauri Factor  - synopsis to come- (hint: something to do with aliens, abductions and the government)




Copyrights and Credits

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