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my poems

I thought about sticking this under the same heading as my songs but I decided not to.  One, some poems are totally not at all like songs and deserve to be treated as poems though some people like to say them like they're singing a song.

Most of the poems here are mine, others are not but I have credited the author accordingly.  You may not use any of my poems elsewhere but if you would like to use the others which are not mine, please credit the writer.

I've tried to write a bit about each poem I've done and why I've done it, I've also tried to include why I like the other poems I have here too.  If I get around to it, I may design a backdrop and copy the poems onto it so it'll be kinda like a letter or something.  Until then, they're here for you to enjoy, NOT TO USE!

*If you long for your dreams and your dreams cannot wait, turn your life into dreams and control your own fate*


En Sus sueños

The above line is Spanish which translates to 'In Your Dreams'.  I did it over an online translator as I have done with some of my poems that are partly in other languages.  I can't vouch for it's total correctness but I'm hoping that it is correct.  If you speak Spanish and know that it is wrong, lemme know.  If you want to see the read the whole poem, send me an email and I'll send it to you:

Poem Title A Bit About It
Days in Love Is a poem I co-wrote with a friend, well, she did the first two lines, and I wrote the rest.  I turned it into a song later on and it's about love and uses different terminology to describe it as the weather.
Out the Window This poem can may not make sense if you're the kind of person that doesn't understand that kind of thing but it's basically about a bedridden child in hospital dreaming by looking out the window, about things that they never will be able to do.
Arms of Love Rather tragic, I can say that I have no intention of doing what the girl in this poem did and commit suicide.  That's really what's it's about, youth suicide because of issues at home.  It doesn't reflect on me but is for people it can reflect on.
Corazon Means 'heart' in Spanish.  Pretty much a bunch of Spanish lines I collected and turned into a poem though they rhyme, they may not make sense to someone who actually speaks the language.




Copyrights and Credits

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