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my songs

Yes.  I like to write songs as well.  I learnt piano for seven years and ended up sucking real bad at sight reading, but, I've started again and I hope to improve.  Now, I like to write songs.  Mostly just lyric and I have written several albums for a series of three books I've been working on.  There's twelve songs on each and completed four, plus I'm working on another and one on the side.  Including rehearsals with my band, Frozen Fire.  To business.

There will only be some of my songs here, mostly because I don't want my good ones stolen and because of possible copyright.  I'll put all relevant details here but you can't use any of these AT ALL!  These are my work.  You may link back to this page but you cannot under any circumstances, copy these lyrics anywhere else on the net.  If you understand this, then you can proceed, if you don't, then you better have a lot of money!

*If you long for your dreams and your dreams cannot wait, turn your life into dreams and control your own fate*


"La, la la" "ALEXIA SHUT UP!"

Or at least that's what my brothers and sisters say to me when I keep singing my own creations everywhere.  I guess it would be rather annoying but I don't really care.  How else am I meant to know how they sound?  Anyway, here's a list of some of my more credible lyrics.  There's also some lyrics to other songs I like here.  If you like any of them, I'd be quite happy for you to say so, other than that, do not dare use them or take them as your own because they are protected under copyright laws.  If you're like some dude from a recording studio, let me know.  If you want to read the whole song, and have a darn good reason, I may, if you email me, send you a copy.   Later!

Song Title What it's all About
Step Back I tried to create a band with my friends once.  We called ourselves Frozen Fire but none of us could play our instruments really well, except me cause I learnt piano for seven years.  The song is about relationships and telling someone to think about what they're done and that they're tried of waiting for them to make up their mind.

"I'm not gonna wait for for you
To say what you wanna say
There's a time and place for truth
So quit playing this charade"

Be Who You Are This is one of the only song's I've actually composed music before lyric.  My Auntie helped me add the words and I completed it later on. I got someone to sing while I played it at a youth conference in 2004 and we pretty much got a standing ovation.  It basically about the titled, being who you are and not worrying about what other people say.

"I've wanted to find
Something inside
Hidden forever where no one can find
It's here in me
There in my heart, wai-ting for love"

Oh yeah, did I mention that along with my hopefully future film career, I wanted to produce an album?  Guess not.  This is the album I decided to make up for the Kari Undercover series (head to my books for more detail).  It was titled Dreams and was going to be my debut.

Track Lyric Preview and Description
1. One Moment "Looking back on yesterday
And what  you said to me
I didn't think those little words
Could change the way I think"

This song is about wanting a moment to prove to someone that they've made the wrong decision, eg. dumping you.

2. Not for Me "But you yell and you scream
And the words that you mean
I don't understand what you're saying
Confusion sets in and I can't begin
To discern this game that we're playing"

This one's about relationships that go wrong and that if you're being treated wrong, you should stand up and say so.

3. All of my Life "I'm gazing at the sunset after a day of rain
Watching raindrops falling helps to ease my longing pain"

This is basically about love, and remembering one that was lost due to circumstances no one could stop.

4. Whisper in my Ear (Life's Game) "I can hear a voice
It's calling my name
Confusing thoughts all around me
Is life just one big game?"

I'm not too sure about this one.  It's basically about life sometimes feeling like a game and something to do with a stuffed relationship.

5. Falling Away (from reality) "She sits alone
Under a tree
Writing thoughts on paper
From a hazy memory"

This is just about a girl who's lost a lot of things I guess and trying to fix what's happened but hiding her real feelings.

6. Sister "Whenever I'm feeling down
Whenever I'm upset
You'll always be around
Helping me to forget"

This is about sisters, mine really, and how they get along and help each other (sometimes)

7. Who am I? Why am I Here? "A clear blue sky
A fading memory
Who am I?
What is this felony?"

Confused.  That's really what this song is all about, being confused.

8. In My Dreams "There's a dream I can remember
I've dreamt it many nights
Of twinkling stars and a full blue moon
Casting dark shadows of pure light"

Dreams.  This is about letting go and living your dreams and not caring about what other people think.

9. Writing on the Wall "Confusion in a sea of emotion
A handwritten letter, sealed and sent
Falling in love, it's a forward motion
Return to sender, a feeling well spent"

This is about feelings and people and someone that's told someone to do something and they've only just realized it was true.

10. Escape "It's a hope I cling to, a moonless night
Where words and hate have taken flight"

Sometimes you just want to get away, and that's what this song is about.

11. Just Another Child "You think I can do better
When I try to do my best
But you don't understand that
I don't wanna be like all the rest"

This is about how sometimes parents try to influence you and your future and how sometimes people hold you back from your real potential.

12. Spending Days in Love "Live your life like the dream within
As the dream within you grows
And after years of trial and sin
The truth you had you'll know"

This is about love in the form of weather patterns.  It's short song derived from a poem I wrote.

13. En Las Estrellas (In the Stars) "The feeling's overwhelming
The loss, a blinding pain
Tryna fight the hopeless plight
Of wanting you again"

Part of this song is in Spanish and is about loving someone else but not realizing it until they're gone.

14. As Long as You're There "A childish dream, let's make believe
I can try
Not the same, but then you came
If my love had wings, I could fly"

This is also about love but a love that stays and how that love (or lover) can help you get through.


Copyrights and Credits

The brushes used in the layout were from Kenekila.   

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