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Before I began my love for computers I always wanted to create my own sites.  I wanted to make all the sites for my books and everything else.  Well, these are a heap of sites I've done before.  There's a shot of each and where I got the layout.  There's also a brief description of what the site is about.  If a site isn't up and running, let me know because sometimes those damn free servers dump ya if not enough people come surfing by.

If you like them, let me know or if you want more info on their topics, give me a shout at

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my precious...

Though some of them aren't really my best work, this is a list of sites I have and their addresses.  I've also written a bit about what them so I hope you enjoy.

Site Address or Banner A Bit About It




Copyrights and Credits

The brushes used in the layout were from Kenekila.   

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