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sites i like

Sometimes you see a site and think 'oh wow' and you go back and forth and back and forth and literally worship the fantastic site you found.  You tell all your friends and dream about a world of 1s and 0s in which you are the ruler of this site.  Well, maybe we won't go that far but here you'll find a list of sites I like.  These are sites I have found that are my favorites.  I'll write a description about each one but make sure you check them out.  If you do, you are leaving this site and to get back, just hit backspace or whateva you do to get back to where you were.  Anyway, these are sites I think are cool and I hope you like them too!

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ah, no, I've used all my internet credit!

Yes.  At my school you gotta pay to use the Internet if you used up all your credit.  To say the least, I was almost the sole reason our school changed the system, because I was the third largest Internet user in the schol.  What can I say, the Internet and I are good friends!

Site Address/Banner Why it's so good
Do you really have to ask why?  Over 3000 avatars and so many layouts in different designs.  There's tables, frames, div layers as well as heaps of others and tutorials.  Take a look because if you don't, you're making a mistake.
Aethereality is also another site like the above but it also has photoshop brushes, wallpapers and heaps of other things.  The designs frequently change to give a new atmosphere to the site and you can always expect them to be top notch!
Divine Ayu is an Ayumi Hamasaki related site with excellent content including downloads, lyrics and links to other great sites related to the Japanese pop princess.  Check it out just to see what the hell I'm on about. is responsible for the great brushes that were used to make this site by Daydream Graphics.  There's photoshop brushes, cool little quiz things and layouts and such.  It's a network thing so you can join up.  How cool?
Another Ayumi link.  This has some cool downloads including a song I rather liked called Evolution.  Have a look because it's worth it.

This is the Ayumi Hamasaki official site.  I can't understand much of it but hey, at least some of it's in English.  I had to make the banner myself though cause I couldn't find one on the site.

Is an online translator I like to use for words and phrases in several different languages.  I can also input songs I know and get the translations too.  Cool huh?





Copyrights and Credits

The brushes used in the layout were from Kenekila.   

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